Josephine Solem
Independent Facilitator for EMC²
(888) 279-3618
Hi, Im Jo.

I am currently working in North, Texas, facilitating the wellbeing of over 250 AIM participants stretching from coast to coast and further, since 2003. I have acquired several other certifications for serving the wellbeing of others as a Certified Wellness Coach and B.E.S.T. Practitioner.

Ive experienced the AIM Program benefits since 1997, after going through numerous other holistic therapies costing anywhere from $500 to $10k. This was done to affirm my own ability to self heal that very common and cruel diagnosis of CANCER. (I might add strictly by holistic means) And I believe that... "Anything I can do you can do too!" Or maybe your smarter than me and want to become the best possible you before disease forces you to focus on well being.

I believe that the AIM Program offers something that no others do simplicity and both time and financial affordability. By receiving the balancing frequencies, I truly know that the cause of my cancer no longer exists and that there will not be a reoccurrence. I have found the healing experience to be more emotional clearings than physical ones; as it is with most EMC2 members that I have had the honor to support. However, I find all frequency imbalance clearings continue to become more easily understood, experienced and so forgiven the longer that we receive Energetic Balancing with the AIM Program. And the best part is experiencing and hearing about the peace and understanding that comes with the balancing frequencies.

I feel healthier at 68 than I did at 44. Most importantly, because 99% of the time I feel positive, have high energy and almost never feel sick, Im more able to MAKE BETTER CHOICES daily that support the healing process and so the regeneration of "The Next Best Version of the New Me" and in becoming who I really am. This is why I will always choose to receive the benefits of the AIM Program and am now thankful for the opportunity to help others as... your passionate Independent EMC2 Facilitator & Certified Wellness Practitioner & Coach.

In case one feels that they are not worth it, I figure that the AIM Program is less costly than my so-called low cost health insurance which is only $750 a year because its part of my corporate retirement that I havent used since 1984 when I walked away from all medical healing choices. Since that time, I have come to understand that HEALING is about BELIEF. And therefore, feel that my unused annual $750 health premium is a contribution to those who choose methods covered by insurance. And, that my AIM membership is a small contribution to support this very important work done on behalf of thousands of AIM participants and so... humanity, since we are all energetically interconnected.

Please feel free to call me as I am honored to be THERE FOR YOU !

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